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Asbestos Barrier System®


What is the benefit of the ABS® verses abatement?
  1) The ABS® provides an average cost savings of 50% to 70% of a traditional abatement as well as 80% of employee downtime.
  2) Environmental oversight is optional but not required as the installation of the ABS® is merely one more step to a standard flooring process.
  3) Alleviates owner liabilities including removal and disposal of ACM, employee exposure, and lifetime landfill liability.
  4) Tax deductable. Encapsulation is considered an expense item and can be deducted from taxable income in the year incurred, whereas abatement     expenses must be added to the cost of the property and depreciated over the useful life of the property.
  5) The EPA recommends managing ACM on site in lieu of abatement.
      Publication #20T-2003 “Management Planners Guideline To Managing Asbestos In Place”.

How do I purchase the ABS®?
The ABS® can only be purchased through our certified contractors. You can find a list of certified contractors under (Certified Contractors) on our home page.

How do I become a certified installer?
Companies wishing to become certified to install the ABS® should contact Greg or Josh for all the information necessary.

How long does an encapsulation process take using the ABS®?
The duration of a project will depend on multiple circumstances. Project size, crew size, condition of existing floor, etc. will all have an effect on the time it will take to complete a project. On average, we have found that 1000 to 3000 square feet can be completed in an 8 hour work day.

Can the ABS® be used in residential buildings?
The ABS® can be utilized in any building containing asbestos laden flooring providing the existing floor is not damaged beyond repair.

Can any type of flooring be laid over the ABS®?
Any type of commercial or residential flooring (VCT, Vinyl, Wood, Laminate, Ceramic, Carpet, Epoxy, ect.) can be installed over the ABS®.

Can floors be replaced without replacing the ABS®?
Providing the use of manufacture recommended adhesives, any floor can be removed and replaced without removal of the ABS®. The exception to this would be an epoxy floor which can be overlaid with new flooring but not removed.


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